Responsibly drilling in the Williston and Delaware Basins

The Williston Basin


Gross Operated Top Tier Locations

* As of year-end 2018


Net Acres


Rigs in 2019


3Q19 Production (Mboepd)

The Williston Basin is the company’s cornerstone asset. Oasis is one of the top producers in the Basin, and has been active in the area since the company’s formation. The current focus on Oasis’s operated acreage is in the “core” counties of McKenzie, Mountrail, and Williams. The highly valued light, sweet crude produced from this area is sold to refineries all over the continental US, and some is even sent overseas via coastal exports. Crude in the Williston Basin is primarily produced by drilling horizontally into known hydrocarbon-bearing formations, and then hydraulically stimulating the reservoir rock. Production in the Basin primarily comes from two zones: The Middle Bakken and the Three Forks.