Proudly Developing Our Natural Resources


We have a long history of acquiring, exploiting and maximizing the value of coveted assets in proven hydrocarbon bearing areas. We assembled our core position in two of the premier North American oil basins – the Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana and the Delaware Basin in West Texas. Our track record of delivering growth in production and reserves within cash flow speaks to the longevity and the potential of our assets. With that potential, comes upward mobility and opportunity for our employees to take on different responsibilities and become subject matter experts and leaders within our company. Our core areas of operational focus include:

Enhancing Returns by Focusing on Operational and Cost Efficiencies

Our team has managed early-stage resource opportunities in the past. We are applying our expertise and investing in the infrastructure needed to drive down per-unit costs and increase efficiencites at every stage of the process from drilling and completing new wells to producing existing ones.

Adopting and Employing Leading Drilling and Completion Techniques

We are continuously evaluating what works best to maximize recoveries and returns in the most efficient way, while adopting proven technologies and techniques for building long-term value.

Pursuing Strategic Acquisitions with Significant Resource Potential

Our strategic focus is on strengthening and building on our core Williston and Delaware Basin leaseholds, which is the foundation of our growth plan.

We are currently focused on exploiting what we have identified as significant resource potential from the Bakken and Three Forks formations, which are present across a substantial majority of our acreage. These formations are the largest continuous oil accumulation ever assessed by it in the contiguous United States. We believe the location, size and concentration of our acreage creates an opportunity for us to achieve cost, recovery and production efficiencies through the large-scale development of our project inventory.

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The Delaware Basin contains multiple Permian-aged zones that have potential for oil and gas development. Our recent entry into the Permian Basin through the acquisition of approximately 23,000 has more than doubled our core net inventory and allows us to further capitalize on our operational strengths. We are currently focused on the oil-rich Bone Springs and Wolfcamp formations. This significant inventory of oil and liquids-rich drilling opportunities with multi-zone development provide us a platform for future growth.

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Environmental, Health & Safety

We are committed to being conscious stewards of the land we operate on.


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