We value relationships with our land owners, shareholders and communities

Land Owner Engagement

The land owners we work with are an important part of our business. We take pride in building strong, lasting relationships with our royalty owners. We strive to work closely with them and are committed to being transparent and providing ongoing engagement opportunities. We believe that timely and accurate communication is critical. Our goal is to provide all owners with a level of service that is beyond expectation. For information about leasing opportunities or to contact our Owner Relations team, please visit the Owner Relations page.


Shareholder Engagement

We don’t wait for our investors to contact us; each year, we pursue a formal shareholder outreach campaign focused on compensation practices and other governance topics. As further detailed in our Proxy Statement for our Annual Meeting, this outreach generates valuable feedback, which is reported to our Board of Directors, and we have implemented changes in our compensation and governance programs as a result, for example: in 2019, we adopted a Proxy Access bylaw after discussions with our shareholders.


Contributing to special charities and local communities to which we belong is how we stay true to our core values.