Expert Safety Leadership and Safety Steering teams help us get home safely every day

Health and Safety

Oasis is committed to protecting the safety of employees, contractors and partners, at all company operations. Everyone who works for and with us is able to halt operations to address a safety issue at any time.

The audit committee of the board has direct responsibility for health and safety and it is the first agenda item at every audit committee meeting. With respect to responsibility among the management team, our Managing Director of EHS & Regulatory reports to our Senior Vice President of Operations who reports to our President. The Oasis Safety Leadership Team (the SLT) meets regularly with Oasis management to drive continual safety strategy improvement; and the SLT coordinates with the Oasis Safety Steering Team to keep field operations aligned with that strategy.

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive environment, health and safety management system which covers 100% of operated assets. As part of that management system, we undertake regular internal and external environmental and safety audits, including contractor safety audits. Oasis contractors must adhere to Company contractor health and safety requirements; and Oasis uses ISN to verify and evaluate safety performance before working with a contractor.

Incident rate and near miss metrics are recorded and monitored for employees and contractors, and safety performance is integrated into the annual performance-based cash incentive awards for all employees.

Regular safety training is provided to all employees throughout the company; and Oasis employees and contractors regularly conduct joint safety meetings. Oasis leads industry collaboration efforts to promote worker and environmental safety. For example:

  • We are a founding member of the Ipipe partnership, advancing spill and leak prevention technology across the industry
  • We participate in and have made a meaningful investment in the TrainND program, which provides safety training to our employees, employees of other companies and contractors throughout the Williston Basin, and enables us to share best practices with and learn from our peers
  • We are a founding partner with the North Dakota Petroleum Council and other industry leaders of the One Basin – One Way! Standardized safety orientation program developed by producers and contractors in the Williston Basin for contractors that work in the Williston Basin

Environment, Health & Safety

At the foundation of what we believe as a company is our desire to do the right thing.


Oasis is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.