We flare approximately 2/3's less gas than peers thanks to our gas capture, storage, and processing investments


Flaring is an extremely important environmental issue in the oil and gas business, especially in the Williston Basin. Reducing the amount of gas flared is not only the right thing to do for the environment, it also makes economic sense to capture the gas and ultimately sell it. Oasis has been on the leading edge of minimizing flaring and capturing value for our shareholders and for our environment. When Oasis realized that gas production was going to outstrip gas processing capacity in the Williston Basin, Oasis’ midstream business set out to grow its processing footprint to provide Oasis and other producers alternatives to flaring. Because of our commitment to the environment, Oasis now has best-in-class gas capture, with our flared gas percentage two-thirds less than our peers in North Dakota. Additionally, our proactive capture of third-party business has helped reduced industry-wide emissions.

Oasis’ environmental commitment does not stop with gas capture, as we seek to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We have policies and systems designed to reduce use of water and energy, cut emissions and manage waste, and protect the natural environments in which we work. Environmental programs are designed to meet, at a minimum, all local, state and federal environmental regulations.

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive environmental management system which is designed to achieve 100% coverage of operated assets. As part of that management system, we have established environmental measurement and monitoring programs that support efforts to reduce emissions, waste and water use.

We maintain a 24/7 control room which monitors and responds to environmental incidents. A public hotline connects directly to the control room. Crisis management and emergency response plans are maintained for all basins and critical employees are Incident Command System trained. The public hotline number is 866-839-1233.

Environmental management systems and incident response programs helped Oasis to achieve a 44% reduction in the number of spills from 2017 to 2018, with 99% of spills staying within containment on location.

Oasis engages directly with local stakeholders with a goal of meeting their environmental expectations. We routinely meet with neighbors in our community, local and state regulators, first responders and industry partners about environmental matters; and these meetings occur in connection with our day to day operations, not only in relation to an incident or event.

Environment, Health & Safety

At the foundation of what we believe as a company is our desire to do the right thing.