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At Oasis, as a company and as individuals, we believe in Doing the Right Thing and Being Passionate about our work with the goal that We All Succeed Together (employees, communities, and shareholders). We also believe that Great People and Great Assets create Great Opportunity, and these core values inform how we think about our business and associated Sustainability. On the following pages, we invite you to read further about the projects, programs, and people that make our Sustainability efforts successful:

  • EHS Values: We are committed to the Health and Safety of our people and communities and to prudent stewardship of our environment. Read our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Vision Statement here.
  • Environment: We are mindful of the impact that our operating footprint has on our environment. As an example, several years ago we identified an imbalance in the amount of gas that we projected to be produced in the Williston Basin and available gas processing infrastructure, so we made a significant investment to materially expand our gas capture and processing capacity and are now one of the top gas processors in the basin. Today, we capture 10% more gas than the overall average for North Dakota operators.
  • Health and Safety: We have a dedicated team and member of senior management who has direct responsibility for health and safety; and we have made meaningful investments in training programs that benefit our employees, employees of other operators, and contractors.
  • Ethics and Business Conduct: Our robust corporate governance program starts at the top, with the Board of Directors, and emphasizes desire and empowerment to Do the Right Thing at every level of the organization. Our culture, or our Values in Action, reflects our EHS values combined with Shared Success, Integrity, Reputation, Passion, Discipline, and Efficiency.
  • Our People: We work hard to hire talented people who will Be Passionate about the work they do every day; and we invest in benefits and professional development programs that will enable them to reach their potential and perform at their best.
  • Community: Participating together in our local communities is one of the ways that We All Succeed Together. It is also something that we look forward to and enjoy; and our employees are highly engaged. Read about some of our activities here.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Relationships with our land owners and shareholders are important to us – we could not do what we do without them – and their feedback has a real impact on our company. For example, in 2019, we adopted a Proxy Access bylaw after discussions with our shareholders.

Ethics and Business Conduct

It is important to create, maintain, and enforce clear frameworks for the Company’s governance and operations as well as the behavior of officers, directors, and employee, and the behavior of contractors, vendors and intermediaries.

Environment, Health and Safety Values

At the foundation of what we believe as a company is our desire to do the right thing.

Health and Safety

Oasis is committed to protecting the safety of employees, contractors and partners, at all company operations.



We believe there is a big difference between getting good employees and getting the best employees.

Stakeholder Engagement

The land owners we work with are an important part of our business.